Fundación Yepez A.C. is a private non-profit. Therefore, we need your support to continue our work to protect the environment. By making a donation you can make a big difference to the future of this endangered species.

Our most urgent necessities at the moment, to start off the 2014 season are:
  •      Salaries for 3 permanent volunteers
  •      A quadbike
  •      Gasoline for daily 26km patrols

We are authorized to receive tax-exempt donations both nationally and internationally and have tax-deductible receipts to provide for your donations.


You can make a donation to this Fundación Yepez A.C. account:

Bank : Scotiabank
Account name: Fundacion Yepez A.C.
Account number: 05602053640
Code: 044840056020536407

Please send us a message to let us know of your donations,in order for us to be able to send you our gratitude and your receipt for tax-deductible donations!