The founders of this project started to protect and save Sea Turtles in 1967on this beach area. The fisherman Marcelino Yepéz and his wife Librada Géron Dominguez, took on the great responsibility to protect these beautiful helpless creatures and with their entire family worked hard without compensation to rescue our endangered sea turtles. Thanks to them a
nd their hard work, we still have the opportunity to continue this critically important battle, to help save the turtles. We have worked here for almost 43 years and have experienced many sad moments, successful moments
and unique moments.

The director of the foundation, Ricardo Yepéz, has been working with marine turtles all of his life, side by side with his parents. He decided to follow his father’s footsteps, and together with his mother, sister and brother, dedicate his
life to saving this species without compensation. Everyone who has once visited our
beach, knows the Yepéz family, who welcome each guest with the same care and desire to share their knowledge about the work that they do. The reason for the foundation is
to enable us to continue the work that we do and to help us find support and funds to keep on working. Many thanks to everyone who has followed us and has continued to support our projects for all these years.