How can you help?

There are many ways to help in the work of saving and protecting our sea turtles, and you too can be part of this project. 

Each season we receive visitors from all over the country and the world. School groups, business groups and families come to learn about the sea turtles and to donate their time to help save them. We are extremely grateful to each and everyone that come along to help us in our work to look after these endangered animals. Some people come for one day, others for a week or a month. Some volunteers come back each year or whenever their work or studies allows the. Every night and day we patrol the 20km long beach in order to protect the turtles that come to lay their eggs and to rescue the eggs that are laid in high risk areas. This work is simple but hard and we always look for feet and hands (volunteers) to help us out. This help is absolutely necessary to us to be able to continue our work. Every peso/dollar helps us a lot and below is a list of the things that we need to keep doing our work and that we hope to be able to buy one day with the help of your donations.


Here are some of the needs that we have:

·         We are currently looking for funds to help us buy a quadbike to be able to patrol the 20km beach without having to walk it every day, for this we would also need donations to help pay for gasoline during the season (March to November)

·         People often bring food for the volunteers when they visit us, this is indispensable to us!

·         We always look for veterinaries to help us with sick or injured turtles.

·         Medicine for sick turtles, first aid box and surgical instruments are also needed.

·         Torches, head lamps, batteries and rain clothing are essential for our work also.

·         Portable GPS´s are necessary to be able to mark the locations of the nests.

·         Donations such as kitchen utencils, cookers, plates, cups and cutlery for our volunteers is also needed.

Basically every little helps, and we are very grateful for your consideration to support our work. We rely entirely on donations (and our personal  funds) but are working hard on projects to help us become more self-sustainable (such as a souvernir shop etc.). If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us on