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There are many many of us
, who for over 45 years have been creating a different world and you can find us all over the world. We are many, who want to make a better future, a better world. We conserve turtles and the ecosystems in which they live. Many thanks to everyone who have shared a little bit of their time and money, a part of their heritage and who have believed in Fundación Yepez, because thanks to you, we have been able to make this dream a reality.

Thank you very much to all of you, friends of the turtles!

Mrs. Anne Lammila
Ambassador of Finland in Mexico

Hermanos Maristas
Entrepreneur Marco Antonio Leal Garza and family
Legal Representative of the Fundación Yepez, Monterrey Nuevo Leon

Lic. Jorge Faibre

Journalist and Researcher
Dr. Jose Alberto Garcia Gaytan
Director of the Instituto Tecnologico Superior de Misantla, Ver

Alejandro Coria Breton

Director of ACB

Capitaine Felipe Rivera

President of Plant Sanitation

Lic. Alfonso de Robina y Bustos

C.P. Simon Benavides Delon and family

Deputy of material, services and shopping

Lic. Antonio Limon Cházaro
Notary No. 12, Xalapa

Diario de Xalapa

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