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One of our environmental events in El Raudal

We work closely
with the surrounding communities through environmental education, environmental projects, reforestation campaigns, clean-up campaigns and recycling programs. We believe that a real change will happen when we truly know and love our environment and we are aware not only of the consequences of our actions but also our responsibility to solve those problems. We have managed to implement permanent recycling programs within the 3 municipalities where we work and have seen a real change in the culture in terms of environmental awareness from when we started. As the saying goes, a good judge begins at home, one of our greatest achievements has been the creation of the NGO, the El Raudal Eco Tourism Village, which we managed to legally constitute in August 2010. The need to create this association was born through the problems that we face in the conservation of sea turtles. Eco-tourism is an excellent alternative source of income for the community and through their activities and ecological methods of working the community can preserve and protect the environment and the endangered species whilst earning an income. We’ve created a culture which promotes conservation and fights depredation.

Involving the whole family, this project unites families and neighbors in the community in a multigenerational struggle to conserve and protect their village and environment, and their children’s legacy whilst earning an honest income.