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Fundación Yepez A.C.
is dedicated to intelligent reforestation, using sustainable techniques and planting native or endemic trees. We organize reforestation campaigns together with our communities, schools, universities and different environmental groups. Reforestation is very important to our organization, not only as a way of fighting climate change but planting native trees that bear fruit also helps save sea turtles. How? Once the sea turtle predators such as birds have alternative food, such as mango or avocado, they will no longer eat as many sea turtle eggs.  

In 2012 we founded and organized the First Regional meeting of Reforestation in the Tropical Humids of the Gulf of Mexico together with other NGO´s and environmental groups in the area, the three levels of government and with international organizations and governments to promote reforestation in the region.

We also organize reforestation campaigns with schools, universities, the government and business partners throughout the year. We participate in events such as the National Reforestation Day, the international ENO reforestation campaigns, the National Conservation Day, Earth Day and many more.