Who are we?

We are many, who for the past 42 years have begun to build a different world. We are many, who want to build a cleaner and better world. Our main objective is to protect the endangered Sea Turtles in our zone as well as the ecosystem they inhabit.

Many thanks to everyone who has shared a grain of this heritage and who has trusted and believed in the projects of Tortugas Fundación Yepéz, because thanks to you, we´ve been able to make this dream a reality.

Thank you very much to the sponsors of Tortugas Fundación Yepez:

Mr. Juan Montufar Rodriguez
Director of the Mexico Institute of the Hermanos Maristas

Entrepreneur Marco Antonio Leal Garza and family

Legal Representative of Fundación Yepez, Monterrey Nuevo Leon

C.P. Simon Delon and family Benavides

Assistant Director of material resources, services and sales

Jorge Faibre
TV Azteca news anchor, Veracruz

Dr. Jose Alberto Garcia Gaytan
Director of the Instituto Tecnologico Superior de Misantla, Ver

Press Associations of Martinez de la Torre:

- La Opinion

- El Martinense

- El Grafico

- PandOreja

- El Chiltepin